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We have produced this guide to answer frequently asked questions by Students Achieve members. If you have any other questions please give us a call or come in to speak to a manager at one of our centres who will be happy to help.

During your child’s session they will be working with their tutor and also be over seen by the school centre manager. In order for your child to fully benefit from the fantastic bonds that can be made here and enjoy the positive environment, parents do not stay on site as your presence may serve as a distraction. However, we do encourage all parents to attend our regular Open Sessions. These are a great opportunity for you to come into the centre with your child, see their work and experience the centre environment.
In this situation, a new sampling would join at the current standard membership price, and would need to pay a registration fee. However, we will be happy for you to keep any referral discounts that you have already accrued, and will transfer these to the sibling so that you can maintain your saving.
For the safety of younger children attending our tuition classes we would encourage parents to drop off their children, as Students Achieve cannot be responsible for their welfare until they are signed in. Coming to the school with your child will also allow us to inform you of any information about their learning session that day, as well as other relevant news about their work. Older children may arrive unaccompanied and open evenings are set to keep you up to date on your child’s progress.
If you are planning to be absent from Students Achieve for a month or more you have the option of freezing your membership. Freezing costs £10 per month and puts your child’s work on hold, storing their progress rather than cancelling their programme. It will also allow you to retain any discounts you have accrued in the form of referral discounts. To freeze you must inform the Saturday school manager in writing on or before the 23rd of the month. This will allow you to freeze your membership for the following month.
Initially, you should speak to the on duty school manager to discuss your child’s membership to date, and the progress that they have made. Should you then wish to cancel your membership we require written notice on or before the 27th of the month. This will then cancel your membership from the 1st of the following month.


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